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Written in Stone over 6,000 years ago, that is hidden from us.
Author of many Amazon eBooks and Paperback Books.

God Knows Who You Are and What You May Become!

Satan Knows Too, but he does not want you to find out!

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Mr. D. Harvey has earned a reputation as a Christian Author.

Mr. Harvey is motivated and loves the scriptures, and the joy of helping people realize their individual potential and reaching their greater heights in this world and helping them to overcome trials and hardships; with decades of experiences and knowledge.

He has learned that we can live our dreams that God wants for us and to find inner joy regardless of our background or our circumstances in life.

He knows that there is greatness in every soul on this earth; with his ability to draw real-life experiences and to bring to life, respected parallels, has made his works appealing to Christian’s of the world over for edification.

Many are lacking the knowledge from God.

What would you give to have the Spirit of the Lord with you more often and to feel closer to Heavenly Father, and above all, having Him to be closer to you.

His books are inspiring and full of insights which brings you closer than ever before, he extends to you personally, an invitation to invite God and the Holy Ghost to you to find profound meaning to your life.

He brings out the key points from God that we can achieve the best in this life.

Because of his intense study of the scriptures, he has written many short, practical books that uplifts, showing you the path to immediate results, the effort is up to you.

His books have helped thousands of lives, through hardships and trials of this life, to be applicable to people of all ages.

His goals are to bless the world by sharing the knowledge and wisdom he has gained.

His mission is to continually impact the lives of others, for we need to study more about God to prepare us to return to His presence and to receive a fullness of His exalted blessings.

With increased results of his spiritual awakening, others are capable of realistic, sound, and credible knowledge of reality of your life.

The author shares these forward-looking viewpoints through his books and teachings on the subject of each book, of higher realization, personal spiritual growth, and obtainable knowledge.

Additionally, he takes pleasure in extending readers modernistic breakthroughs and information to increase their knowledge and greater success in their everyday life.

His collection of books is very spiritual and powerful.

There messages are very inspiring to all.

These books really make us think, but more importantly, it makes us feel one with God and His love.

Get started and see if you are enlightened to greater spiritual levels.

His books are different form the other author’s, for they give a lot of opinions and with few scriptures to support their ideas.

This author gives data that is not talked about or is not known to most.

Plus, his books have lot more scriptures on a given topic than opinions, so that it is more about what God wants for us, rather than the opinions of someone that is bias or has deep prejudice of a given topic.

He gives Physical facts that others overlook, the scriptures are like an onion, it is in layers.

Maybe too much scriptures,
but it is better to have too much, than not enough scriptures.

Mr. Harvey is a bright person, when it comes to his interests in many disciplines that relates to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Religions, the Study of Societies and Cultures, the Study of Pre-history, Space Science, Investigated Prehistoric Cultures, Earthly Sciences, Practical Legends, Archaeology, Ancient History, Biblical Studies, Engineering, Physics, etc.

More than anything else, he desires to share what he has learned about events in ancient world history that has brought forth sacred traditions.

Not only does it increase one's gospel knowledge many folds, it amplifies and strengthens one's testimony, in the Lord’s purpose for us all.

Everyone should study these Books to gain the knowledge needed for these last days.

We all want the best in our life’s.

Given that life is from everlasting to everlasting, our earthly life is short, and our temporal accomplishments has significant outcomes in our eternal success in next life, there are levels like the Sun, Moon, and as one star differ from another star. (1 Corinthians 15:40-41, different glories)

In these Books, are some of the revealed words of God for obtaining eternal knowledge, needed for our progression into the next life.

Unlock the power of these books.

He has generated thousands of files and notes independently and through the online research, highlighting the history, and stories of these books.

He worked with the Top physics of the world in the science, concerned with the nature and properties of matter and energy of splitting the Atom at Stanford Linear Accelerator Center in the Computer Engineering Department, he was on the Faculty and Staff for 11 years at Stanford University.

Religious Studies - The Institute of Religion - Stanford University in Palo Alto, California for many years.

He worked with Electromagnetic Systems Laboratory (ESL) , was a subsidiary of TRW, a high technology firm that was engaged in software design, systems analysis and hardware development for the strategic reconnaissance marketplace.

Mr. Harvey had an acquaintance when he was much younger, who built a reflector telescope out of a round Oatmeal box, they were on a mountain top; he was able to see the Rings- of- Saturn.

This put his life on the path of Science and Gods purpose for us, he was so excited, he wants to share.

He strongly believes in the Two (2) Great Commandments.

1. Love God with all your Heart, Might, Strength, Soul, and Mind.

2. Love thy Neighbor. (That is everybody of the whole world)

He enjoys camping, hiking, fishing (in lakes, rivers, oceans), boating, going to the parks, going to the zoo's, going to the museum 's, scuba and skin diving, traveling to national parks, looking at the stars, and etc., and especially with his family.

All his books are backed up with lots of scriptures from the Bible, KJV.

His books are of a high quality and moral standards.

He tells all those who have a good heart and a learning mind, do not think of yourself as getting older.

You have been a Spirit Person for countless Eons and prior to that you have always existed as pure Intelligence before being created in the Spirit World of Heaven, by God.

Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations. Jeremiah 1:5

A full list of books by the Author – Survival Guides Needed for our day, the last days:

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Isaiah 2:2 And it shall come to pass in the last days,

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The World must see the Truth, found in the Pyramid and in the Bible.

Real Proof and Physical Evidence:

Written in Stone over 6,000 years ago, that is hidden from us.

Mysteries that are revealed in the End Times

A Guide to Surviving Turbulent Times - Ahead.

The End-Times - Last Days Apocalypse Coming Very Soon - Armageddon

Gods Timetable Revealed - Upcoming Events - Are Here Now - Biblically

Who is in Control – Trials for all – Is there Hope for us?
Unknown Pearls - Great Knowledge & Wisdom

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Today - The Last Days or The End Times

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The Worth of Souls is Great in the Sight of God.

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Click Here For - Real Proof and Physical Evidence:

Written in Stone over 6,000 years ago, that is hidden from us.
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