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Military - Ministries
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Military - Ministries
Military Ministry:
If you're looking for fellowship in a particular area check out these links for suggestions.

Links to Government and Military Web Sites

Informative web sites run by the military and the government. (Click on Links)

U.S. Navy Web Site;

The official Navy web site. Loaded with information and news about the navy.

U.S. Air Force Web Site:

The official Air Force web site. Loaded with information and news about the Air Force.

U.S. Marine Corps Web Site:

The official Marine Corps web site. Loaded with information and news about the Marine Corps.

U.S. Army Web Site:

The official Army web site. Loaded with information and news about the United States Army.

White House Web Site:

The official web site for the White House. Loaded with information and news about the White House.

United States Senate Web Site:

The official web site for the United States Senate. You can locate and contact your senators through this site.

United States House of Representatives Web Site:

The official web site for the United States House of Representatives. You can locate and contact your representatives through this site.

Military Family Support Web Sites:

Links to support groups for wives, husbands and families of active duty, reserve, and retired military members.

Navy For Moms Dot Com:

This is an online support group for moms and loved ones who have sons or daughters joining the Navy. It's very interactive and a place where lots of questions get answered and experiences shared.

Long Distance Couples:

Website designed to help couples who have to be away from each other maintain and strengthen their relationship while separated.

Armed Forces Crossroads:

Great site for all branches of the military. Links to installations overseas. Gives information about child and teen services.

Interesting, clean, packed site for military members, retirees, families, and people just interested in the military. News, information and a unit homepage builder.

Dads at a Distance:

Website designed to help fathers who have to be away from their children maintain and strengthen their relationship with each other while they are separated.

Moms Over Miles:

Website designed to help mothers who have to be away from their children maintain and strengthen the relationship with each other while they are separated.

Military Living:

Web site of the largest publisher of military travel books, maps and atlases.

Military Times:

Gateway to the Military Times news and information web site.

Military Officer's Association of America:

Formerly TROA, is an independent, nonprofit organization open exclusively to members of the uniformed services their families. Their site lists benefits, lobbying info. and much more.

Helping Veterans:

The Military Guide is the straight shooters handbook for future, current, and former military service members.

Helping Veterans:

Veterans Crisis Line - Are you a Veteran in crisis or concerned about one?

Connect with the Veterans Crisis Line to reach caring, qualified responders with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Many of them are Veterans themselves.

Helping Veterans:

How to Plan for Life After Discharge: A GUIDE FOR NEW VETERANS

Helping Veterans:

Settling Down After Life in the Military.

Helping Veterans:

Mesothelioma and Asbestos Lawsuits.

Helping Veterans:

Learn how we, as military families ourselves, interact with our own community to understand what issues are the most significant. Find out what you can do to make sure that the well-being of military wives, husbands, children, parents, and siblings is at the forefront of policymakers’ minds.

Helping Veterans:

Best Jobs for Returning Service Members - When returning from active duty and transitioning to civilian life, one of the first things a soldier must do is find a job.

Helping Veterans:

Take an ASVAB practice test today - Take a short test to find your strengths and weaknesses, see how you compare to others, and watch fun videos to improve.

Helping Veterans:

Helping U.S. veterans with critical home repairs.
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