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Scriptures Gives Us Hope For Eternal Guidance

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Loneliness & Suicide - God has a plan to overcome: (Click for More)
Our Belief in the Godhead: (Click for More)
The Great Plan of Salvation: (Click for More)
Baptism: (Click for More)
Confirmation of the Holy Ghost: (Click for More)
About the Church (Click for More)
Three Kingdoms of Glory (Click for More)
Great Joy For All (Click for More)
Marriage and Family (Click for More)

Marriage and family are ordained by God.

God’s view of marriage is that it is between one man and one woman.
Incrasing a Godly Testimony (Click for More)

Heavenly Father wants your to have a Pure and Strong Testimony.
Pornography (Click for More)

Today, it is one of the leading causes for Sin in the World, is through the Social Media, Movies, Music, Video Games, Internet, and etc., is Pornography.

Flee From Sin, all Evil, all Temptations, and from all of Satan Tools.
Keys to the Restoration - Saints (Click for More)

The signs of the Restoration for the Latter-days by God.

God wants us to seek and study the signs to gain a higher kingdom.
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Today - The Last Days or The End Times

Do You Want Real Proof and Physical Evidence ?

God wants you to know ABOUT IT .

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The Worth of Souls is Great in the Sight of God.

If you Love Me, Feed My Sheep.
Seek Knowledge & Understanding

The Next Life Is More Real
Than This Life - Here & Now

We Are Here To Prepare For Next Life.
For The Eternities
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Ask God To Lead You Through Prayer and Pondering
Listen To The Holy Ghost For Guidance.
LYRICS: - Master, The Tempest Is Raging!

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This is Our Galaxy – We are Just One Small Planet in this System among many Planets.

There are 100 Billion Stars in our Milky Way on the low-end and
400 Billion Stars
on the high end, +/- Billions ; per NASA.

Our Sun is a Star with planets around it, like those other Stars have too.
Prepare for the Next Life
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Written in Stone over 6,000 years ago, that is hidden from us.
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